Olivia Rose Smith

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Things you notice when you slow down

Your words can nourish peoples ideas and help them become something amazing.
If we look for it, there is always fault in everything. But positivity is the best way to help somebody succeed. Encouragement can inspire people to dream, to believe in themselves and take action on their goals. Choose to be an encourager rather than a critic.

Someone else’s fortune is not your misfortune. 
Sometimes when another person is happy about something in their lives, feelings of envy can creep in and taint our behaviour (especially when you aren't having the best time). Try to choose feelings of happiness over envy because their win is not your loss. Celebrate their success because your time will come.

Taking things (even cancer) a bit less seriously can be kinder on everyone.
Sometimes life can feel heavy - we all have worries that occupy our minds and they could consume us if we let them. People want to laugh and feel normal and feel alive. Basically, just don't take life too seriously.

When we have too much to do, it leaves little room for us to think about other people.
There will always be things in life which require our immediate attention, deadlines, work, missed calls. But busyness is the death of kindness. We have little time for anything or anyone else. Focus on whats important rather than what appears to be urgent. Also, find freedom in saying ‘no’ to less important commitments.

We aren’t always sure of the best way to help, or we are afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. But your actions can make a big difference.
When someone goes through a big life event - whether it be being diagnosed with a serious illness, or losing a loved one, think about ways you can help without being afraid of doing the wrong thing.  The gesture itself is less important than the love and thoughtfulness that comes with it.

Accepting help may seem weak, but there is so much strength in vulnerability.
Admit when you need help, try to believe that you are worthy of the kindness. Try not to feel too guilty or too proud to accept help, you will probably be making the other person feel good about helping you too.

Lets make a world where people are idolised for who they are - not for what they have, how pretty they are or what they do for a living.
I believe kindness is the best quality a person can have and I don't feel that it is valued enough. Lets admire people for their kind actions, and help make kindness the thing to feel most proud of.


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  1. This is wonderful and very, very inspiring. Above all, I am inspired by your advice to become an encourager rather than a critic.
    Your journey will save lives, Olivia. Thank you for sharing it so bravely.


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